You need some happy juice.

Yes, you most certainly do need some happy juice!


“Happy juice,” aka Joy and Orange, is one of my favorite oil combinations. And let’s get this straight, it’s not a juice! Happy juice was one of the first rollers that I was gifted by a sweet parent of one of my students and I feel in love with its sweet and uplifting smell.

I use my roller every day after lunch at school to give me a little boost of positivity going into the afternoon. I also love diffusing 2 drops of both Joy and Orange in my diffuser before I leave for school in the morning.

Happy juice

Want to make a happy juice roller? Combine 6 drops Joy, 6 drops Orange, and fill with a carrier oil (I use coconut oil) in a 10 mL roller. Done and done.

Enjoy this sweet combination and embrace the HAPPY!




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