Nighty, night. Sleep tight.

As an elementary school teacher, I find that I have two very different bedtime experiences.

#1: I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow because I’m exhausted after engaging six-year-olds all day.

#2: I lay awake thinking about the day, about the next day, about which students need reading intervention, about which student doesn’t have a friend to play with at recess, about that parent email that I need to respond to… the list goes on. I’m sure that anyone in any profession can relate to this problem.

When my anxiety was at an all-time high, sleep was my biggest problem. I would lay in bed and stress about everyΒ little thing and when I was done stressing about everything else, I would stress about not sleeping… it was a vicious cycle. I was desperate for sleep. I ended up seeing my doctor and she prescribed me something to help me get a restful sleep each night. A few months later, essential oils have helped me to find a way to calm my body and mind when I go to bed each night.


I diffuse lavender and cedarwood in our bedroom every night when we go to sleep. My husband loves the relaxing aroma, too! I usually read in bed for about 30 minutes before going to sleep and that has helped me to relax as well. I’ve become obsessed with two amazing magazines, Darling Magazine and Bella Grace Magazine. They have short articles and are perfect for an uplifting reading experience before bedtime. I also love reading all different types of books so if you are looking for any good recommendations, send me an email at Starting in the new year, I also abide by the “no screens before bed” rule. I used to fall asleep with the TV on… what was I thinking?!?

Sleepy Time

I have a 10 mL roller bottle with 6 drops lavender, 6 drops cedarwood, and coconut oil to rub on my wrists and neck right before I go to sleep. My bedtime routine is so much healthier than it was a few months ago and I have Young Living and a few simple lifestyle choices to thank for that!

Want to learn more about Young Living oils? Click this link to view my Learn about Oils page.

Here’s an info guide from Young Living about sleep routines if you are interested in more info!

Get a better night's sleep for Yu

*Now these are my individual experiences with Young Living essential oils. This does not mean that you will have the same results. I am not a doctor and I am not giving medical advice. If you are currently taking medication, DO NOT STOP. Talk to your doctor about your use of essential oils and medication.




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